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A Powerful Display Strategy That Increases Sales

One of the best ways to increase profits for your handmade jewelry business is to sell more jewelry to a single customer. It’s certainly easier and more cost effective to sell to an existing customer rather than recruit a new one. After all, if you customer is purchasing one piece from you, she obviously likes what you have to offer. Why not encourage her to purchase multiple pieces in one visit?

You don’t have to be a great salesperson to do this. The secret to generating more sales  from a single customer lies in the power of cross merchandising. Cross merchandising is a highly effective technique whereby you display groups of complimentary items together as a group in order to motivate the customer to buy the entire set of items as opposed to just a single item.

Next time you visit a retail store, observe closely and you’ll see this technique in action. In your soap store, you might find soaps displayed next to bath towels, bath oils, and other bath accessories. You local grocery store even understands the power of cross-merchandising. They may have a display with a bottle of wine, a complimentary cheese, and a set of wine glasses. Why is this strategy so popular? It not only sets a mood but it gives customers ideas on how to use the displayed products.

How can you use cross merchandising in your jewelry business? Instead of displaying all of your earrings on a rack with other earrings, display some next to a complimentary bracelet or necklace to create a set. When your customer sees how attractive the grouping looks together, she’ll be more likely to purchase all three as opposed to just buying the earrings.

Cross-merchandising is a great strategy because it requires very little effort on your part to make it successful. You don’t have to try to sell your customer on the set, the merchandising speaks for itself. Because your merchandise is essentially selling itself, it’s important that you choose your display components wisely. Make sure your chosen jewelry pieces truly compliment and flatter each other. This is a perfect display idea for gift sets with matching bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

To make your cross-merchandising displays even more effective, you can add pretty props such as flowers, leaves, rocks, and other eye catching accessories to create a theme. Another idea is to display complimentary jewelry pieces together adjacent to a beautifully wrapped gift box to inspire customers to think of your jewelry sets as gift items. Make sure the theme you choose is consistent with the mood and presentation of your overall jewelry display.

If you’re not using the power of cross-merchandising in your jewelry business, you’re missing out on an easy way to increase your overall jewelry sales. Why not give this technique a try?

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Thank you for reading and best of luck with your jewelry sales. 🙂

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