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How to Use the Power of “Free” to Market Your Handmade Jewelry

Have you ever stopped to consider how powerful the word “free” can be? When this word is used in marketing or advertising it really causes the potential customer to stand up and take notice. Why not harness the magical power of free for your handmade jewelry business? Here are some ideas for selling handmade jewelry by offering something free:

Offer free shipping.

If you market your jewelry through a website or via online auctions, consider offering free shipping when your customer purchases a certain dollar amount of jewelry. Jewelry is usually light in weight and doesn’t cost much to ship via first class mail (as long as it’s not over a pound) and your customer will be more inclined to buy knowing they don’t have to worry about a heft shipping and handling charge.

Offer a free piece of handmade jewelry.

Offer a free pair of earrings when the customer buys a necklace and a bracelet. You’d be surprised at how hard a potential customer will work to get that free pair of earrings. They’ll spend more time perusing your website and more time in your jewelry booth at a craft show knowing they’ll be rewarded with a free pair of earrings.

Offer free gift wrapping.

If your customer is searching for a gift for a friend, she’ll look a bit harder if she knows she’ll get free gift wrapping with her purchase. Finding a box and appropriate wrapping paper can be a hardship for a busy buyer which makes your offer all the more appealing.

Offer a free polishing cloth with each purchase.

Even something as small as a jewelry cloth placed in your buyer’s bag can be enough to motivate them to purchase from you. You can get these very inexpensively from a variety of wholesale jewelry suppliers.

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Offer free candy in your craft show booth.

A nicely displayed bowl of candy will encourage your potential customer to hang around a bit longer. Instead of having the standard, overdone, peppermint hard candies, have something a bit more elegant, but not extravagant, such as individually wrapped miniature Hershey’s bars.

If you really want to make an impression, have chocolate coins imprinted with the name of your business imprinted on the outer, gold foil. There are a variety of sources for these custom imprinted chocolates on the internet. Be sure to keep them close to the counter so people won’t be tempted to take a handful.

Offer a free jewelry consultation.

If you have more than one person working your craft booth, put up a sign that you’ll do a brief jewelry consultation to help your customer determine what jewelry styles look best with their face shapes.

Spend a few minutes making suggestions on what metals will look best with their skin color as well as what earring shapes will look best with their face shape. When you finish, hand them a card with your website address and ask them if they’d like to sign up for your online newsletter.

There are probably lots more things you can offer free from your craft display booth or from your website. Why not brainstorm a few ideas that might work for your particular business?

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